Thursday, March 24, 2016

The final design...

And one more change. The journey from inspiration to publication for this book has been long and winding. I'd count it at six years of researching and writing — and 27 years of thinking about my experiences as a young, naive kibbutz volunteer.

The path to a final title, subtitle and cover has been equally circuitous, if a bit more accelerated. The marketing folks at ECW Press came back with one more recommended change — this time to the title... I was nervous when I heard the publisher wanted to switch the title again. (I'd changed it three times on my own.) But then I saw the new version, matched to the sunset image from the Hula Valley, and it all just felt right. And then we added "Future" into the sub-title and everything clicked.

Now, I've got a pair of Advanced Readers' Copies to make the book seem even more real — I can lift it up and flip through its pages and begin to worry about reviews! 
mostly, I'm thrilled that this story — and the stories of the many people I met in Israel and the West Bank — will finally get shared with curious readers.

So what do you think?


  1. Dear David, I write you from «las Indias» an urban 13 years old, kibbutz-inspired egalitarian community based in Madrid. Could you be interested in the translation of your book to Spanish? We don't mind to read it in English but we are encouraging a local kibbutz-kind movement and we guess your book could be a very interesting piece for discussion. On the other hand, we organize every year an international conference in community related innovations and evolutions (you can see the videos of the last too in in Spanish) and we think it could be very interesting to invite you and interview you there. Please, if any of this things interests you, write us using the form in

  2. Thanks for your message! I will ask my publisher about translation, Your community sounds fascinating. I will send you a message — as I would love to have an excuse to return to Spain some time in the future.